"Relative" keyframing

Hello! I am looking to keyframe bullets in such a way that if I were to move them somewhere else, that their keyframes don’t get messy. For example, let’s say that at keyframe 1, they are at (0, 0, 0), and at keyframe 3, they are at (0, 3, 0). Is there any way to make it so if I move the bullets (while on keyframe 1) to (5, 0, 0), Blender will re-make keyframe 3 as (5, 3, 0)?

Furthermore, is there any way to do something like this with the rotation of an object? For example, I have a bullet that will travel from (0, 0, 0) on keyframe 1 to (0, 3, 0) on keyframe 3. But, if I rotate the bullet 30 degrees, it will travel in that direction instead.

If you need a blend to help: BrickBuildingBullets.blend (650 KB)

I understand that this question is somewhat complicated, but any help is appreciated. Thank you!

  • KetoBlend


best is to have all the bullets parented to another bone/empty that can be repositioned at will.


You can move keyframes in the Graph Editor, just select one or more, you can use a box, the drag them with your mouse or just drag them in X or key G X 20 Rtn will move them 20 frames to the right.

Cheers, Clock.