Relative Object IPO with Actions

Hallo. I have a problem with relative IPO’s (dLocX, dLocY, …) for non-armature objects: when i use a relative IPO directly with an object it works, but when i include it in an action it doesn’t work, though “standard” IPO’s (like LocX, LocY,…) work fine.

What i like to do is creating resusable IPO’s (like move x+3), assign them to different objects and use them for NLA, i.e. move x+3, rotate, move (again) x+3, rotate again, … when i use the standard object IPO’s the center is always reset at the beginning of the animation (NLA strip repeat becomes also unusable for me).

Thanks in advance for help.

Sorry, forgot to say that i use Blender 2.45.