relative paths question

I used relative paths on a project that uses a sequencer scene with multiple 3d composited scenes on it, mixed with video strips .
But when I open the scene on another computer with the blend file in the same file structure, the composite sequences and the video on the sequencer are not loaded …

In short the relative paths are not working whith files loaded in the node editor nor in the sequencer !
The textures are ok !

Is this normal doctor ?

How does the relative work exactly ?


i know in the node editor , even when opening a file up again, the images/movies/do not load up. i have to hit the render button to prime the pump; on load with everything blank, even E does not do it. I thought relative file refs were put in to avoid the exact problem you’re having. sorry, can’t help. it should work.

In fact, in the node editor, the linked sequences are not displayed when reopening on another computer, but blender knows exactly where they are ! When loading new the missing sequence is directly proposed, and the length and offsets are keepep when reenabling sequences … ???