Relative Sizes of Stars and Jupiter

Jupiter, Wolf 359, the Sun, and Sirius.

What would you change?

Thank you!

Whoah! That looks amazing.
It’s a bit hard to see any detail on jupiter - Maybe upload in higher res?

I’m curious as to how you did those sun flares.

Yeah how did you do the sun flares

I cheated with the flares, which you can see by checking out the edges of the stars.

To render solar flares (properly) you need to consider a few aspects:

  1. They arc (due to gravity and magnetic fields).
  2. They must take the “material” from the surface and “eject” it through the arc.
  3. They don’t start just at the edge of the sphere; the flares can start anywhere on the surface.
  4. The reason we see flares near the edges in photos is because that is where they are most visible.
  5. Flares are often erupt near hot (white) spots.

For example:

I ignored all those aspects.

Instead, I did this:

  1. Create a fireball:
  2. Colour the fireball using the star’s colours.
  3. Set the fireball as the backdrop to the star:

The fireball settings are tricky because you want to create flame that has arcs. But once you generate a fireball, tweaking the settings to get nice looking arc shapes is just time and effort. (I was a bit lazy for Sirius; the flames could be better.)

I also tried “swirling” the flares using ImageMagick (convert sun-flare.png -swirl 75 sun-flare-swirl.png), but it ruined the look: it made the flares look like a pinwheel.

There is a much higher resolution version available, but I’m going to wait until I finish the entire image, first.

Nice work :slight_smile: Cheating isn’t a problem if it does what you need anyway :wink: The only thing I’d change is maybe getting rid of that plane the stars or sitting on and playing around with their positions a bit. Try aligning them to the centre rather than the bottom or putting a feint space background in the background or something along those lines. Great work, I like the slight glow you’ve got on the stars.

Excellent suggestions. This is one of a series of images, so the plane gives context: it allows the viewer to know the alignment of the stars. Otherwise, it becomes a bit more difficult to judge the relative sizes. Some of the images in the series will be side-by-side, making alignment crucial. Placing them in the centre is an interesting idea that, time permitting, I should entertain.

Putting something “spacey” (stars and nebulae?) in the background would not be technically accurate. When you look at the Sun from space, for example, the Sun is so much brighter than the background that you see nothing else but black, empty space. Hollywood hasn’t caught onto this idea yet.

Nice work but if you are going for realistic, while the sun is considered a yellow dwarf it emits white light so from space it appears white, it only appears yellow/orange from earth because of atmospheric scattering.

True, JHohlbein, and I did consider it. Sadr, in a further series of stars, is also a Yellow-white star, and is depicted as such. For now, I might add a footnote: “Sol through Earth’s atmosphere”. It makes the Sun inconsistent with the depictions of the other stars, as it stands though, which pains me.