Relative vertex key animation

hey guy’s I’ve been using blender for a while and i’m not use to this new version and I’m having a little trouble with the vertex key animation part. What I’ve been doing is going into edit mode and selecting all my vertexes and inserting a key and then going to another frame, moving the vertexes around and then selecting them all and inserting another key. This does not work and i sort of have a deadline to meet on my animation. cuold you guy’s please let me know what i might be doing wrong.

download this CVS version it has things taht will be in 2.35 but are being tested:

and go here if u need it for something else than windows.
there is a thing called hooks. Firs select the vertices u want to animate and hit ctrl-H to had a hook, select add as empty. Now when in object mode u
can move the empty which moves the vertices u assigned the empty to. There are new seletion modes that might mess u up they are next to the layer buttons. Hover the mouse over them to figure out waht they do.

Hope it helped

Thankx, but i don’t have a compiling program. i noticed in the editing window that there was some slider that said “Slurph” and below that a button that said “Relative Key”. I have’nt kept in touch with all these new updates

u dont need a compiling program. its a whole other software. its 2.34 just a different build

Are you using Absolute or Relative vertex keys?
(Also, what Blender version are you using?)

You can find extensive on-line documentation at:

I just tried the “performance animation technique”:


There are three methods for working with Vertex Keys:

The ‘performance animation’ method. This method works entirely in EditMode, chronologically from position to position:

Insert Key. The reference is specified.

A few frames further: Insert Key. Edit the Mesh for the second position.

A few frames further: Insert Key. Edit the Mesh for the third position.

Continue the above process…

This doesn’t seem to work. Could someone else confirm this. The ‘editing method’ seems to work, where you insert the key out of edit mode. (then swtch into edit mode to modify the vertices the way you want).

Hey i just figured out I’m an idiot. I didnt extract the contents of the folder to a permanent folder. The version you sent me HEADCHEESE works just fine, I’m not the one working LOL. That version you sent me is just what i needed thankx and thanx Jarell for that info I needed that.