Relatively Meshing About

Hey All,

So I am fairly new to just about everything blender. The closest I have come to 3D modeling in the past is Google Sketchup, which prompts my question: In Sketchup there are nice tools that help you keep things aligned, like relative positioning of vertexes.

So say you were for some strange reason manually drawing a cube from a square on the x-y-axis (strange because both programs utilize extrusion tools). In Sketchup you would draw a line up from one corner and then type in its length. Now the really cool part is when you go to draw the other vertical lines you have no need to type in the length again, the program recognizes the point you just drew and snaps your new line to that length when you get relatively close to a similar height.

So, in Blender, is there a way to relatively position verts in this way? Say a menu where you can select one point and then have it align along the y-axis with another point? I would say that that would be the handiest functionality in Sketchup because it simply makes things line up.


No, there aren’t any inference tools in Blender. Though you can use the snap tools (read on it in the Blenderwiki).

Blender allows you to restrict movement along axes by typing in X/Y/Z (Or, say, Shift+X to move along X plane). If you turn on snap, press Ctrl while moving and type X, then it will “snap” to the X-position of the point.

In Blender 2.5, the snaps are supposed to be additive–so you can select 2/3/x points and have Blender snap to the midpoint of them.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually, I’ve found that Sketchup is a lot better for fast, precise “sketching” - at least for architectural type of work. . So, I’d say, it would be better to “sketch” the rough form in it, then export, and refine in Blender. That way you can take advantage of Blender’s (lot) better curves–and other modelling tools - like the Arrays Modifier, Curve Modifier - and Rendering/Anim.

Thanks for your response. I have since been meshing some more and found the usefulness of the snap-to functionality that you mentioned.

Thanks again :slight_smile: