Relatively New Game In Pre-Prod - UE4 - Looking For Everyone!

Hey everybody! Recently a few buds and I decided to come together to make a video game in Unreal Engine 4. As noted in the title we are pretty early on but drafts so far include a multiplayer detective game, investigating all sorts of crime. All we know that is definite right now is its 3D, built-in many programs like Blender but everything comes together in Unreal. We are looking for anybody. Whatever your strong suit is, we’d be happy to have you. From character design to VFX. We want to build a crew where everyone’s opinions matter. Quite simply put; whatever we make, we make together. Everyone’s welcome, beginners to experts. If the passions there, the potential’s there. Passion is the foundation.
I really think we can get somewhere with it. Let’s get there together:slight_smile:

Side note; Even if you think you’re late, hit me up! Like, even a year or three from now. Take a chance:)


Sounds interesting, can you let me know what you have going so far. I am good at modeling and textures, lighting. I would like to have an outlet to create. I work in several different programs, fusion 360, Blender, and have used EU4 also.


Hey, I resent what I deleted here to you in private message :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m new to blender but interested in modeling simple assets

Hello, there! I’m a blueprinter in UE4, I could help cha’ out!