Relativity by M.C.Escher project


I am starting a new 3d project,is to make the “relativity” by M.C. Echer,in 3d

For who does not know what is “Relativity”,here is a link

Sounds like a fun project, i’ve seen another Escher picture in blender.
Any screens of your progress yet?

This is what i’ve done so far

I am starting from the inferior-right corner of the image

Keep it up, no crits yet.

Good luck. It’ll be a nice trick if you can pull it off.


my only crit is in the process so far. You might want to do a layout of wat you’re going to do before you start modeling all the stairs. Use planes and just mark out where the staircases are going to be. Obviously a lot of his stuff is physically impossible, so it’s good to know where problems will come up and how you can fake/fix them before you start modeling and get urself screwed.

That is all :slight_smile:

You have touched upon a sensitive subject for me. We have university professors, students and people alike experimenting with this phenomonan which you could only imagine. We deal with geometrical fractal cellular automata. Its a process, a real true human advancement we are yet to discover. You may laugh, but we are looking upon the lines of obtaining the Nobal Peace Prize. If your interested, look up Wolfram Research and start from there. Where yet to penetrate the very fabric of existence, the logic behind evolution, the fundamental princibles of everything and every universe. Open your mind, search deep, and you will discover. Enstein was on the right path but hell have we come a long way since. Where we’ll be in 100 years, who knows. Your model, signifies the very basic understanding of a unviverse created in 12 dimensions. It’s true, its real it needs to be explored.

You may laugh

To be honest, it doesn’t look too hard to do. just look carefuly at where an object starts and ends and it’s relation to everything else. just because it has people sitting/standing on walls, upside down, doesn’t make it hard. it may confuse the brain because it’s not used to seeing it.

with regards to geometrical fractal cellular automata, guess what, there patterns everywhere that’s natural and not natural, that’s interesting, but not Nobal Peace Prize worthy, sorry :no:

drhavanger, im a piss in the wind when it come to this subject, don’t critise me, did u look at Wolfram Reserach? Its no laughing matter. U know shit about the topic. Believe me. Soory to be blunt.

i don’t want to hijack this thread and turn it into a flame war, so we’ll have to agree to disagree. :cool:

I rember S68 did something like this a while back - see if it’s an inspiration to you :slight_smile:

Agreed, if u agree.

I saw that made in lego once. I think good lighting is gonna be a problem but yeah Im only saying that cuz I wanted to say something. More pictures?! :smiley: