I was bored of making this, so i decide to make a final pic…
it’s not my original idea, but i like it (original


It’s nice, great lighting!

The faces around the inside of the archways would benefit from being set smooth in my opinion. Other than that it’s a great job.

Its pretty cool - the bare wall on the right is a bit … lacking though
Great work on the lighting-

Cpt Hollister I love it. I think it’s great! You could almost say it was done by Escher himself. Very professional looking work. :smiley:

That lighting is fantastic, you give us some insight as to what light settings you used?

Man, I dont see how people make this stuff in 3D. It seems so hard to do :-?

lighting settings: yafray GI (full, high, cache) and 8 lamps lighting important places from background

PS: sry 4my english