I know I know, this one lacks origionality. But I had to do it once. I’ve done several projects based on M.C. Escher’s work, my latest one being Up and Down, and I know this one is done lots of times, but, as said, I had to do it too.

Here’s what I’ve got so far.
It’s difficult to get everything lined up right and getting the sizes correct.

If you have come critics or comments, I’d love to hear 'm. Don’t mind telling the render sucks for I know it does, but when it’s done I wish to render it with Kerkythea wich seems very promicing to me…

Best regards, Sander Wit.

It is good. I always enjoy seeing these type images. My only comment is the little block that is just there near the middle staircase… I did not know if that had any meaning or what?

I wonder if there’s a way to animate an object going into one opening (Like the doorway near the bottom right) and come out another (Like the opening on the top right).

Very cool. Nice work.

Thanks guys.

About the block, it is there in the origional one and my goal is to make it as close to the origional as possible. The block is a couch of some sort where a figure is sitting on.

I was asleep this night so didn’t had the change to model… Going to do that right now :).
Tiny update.

i have just one small point to make…the steps look too sharp edged…a little beveling might help…

Bevelling, hm, I might do that, I find that bevelling often gives the scene some more life. Though even more often I get awfull artifects when I bevel something… Here is an update.

You sleep at night? Tsk, tsk, tsk! :wink:

Looks really good.

yes, in complex objects, bevelling does create artifacts…i use a trick to work around that.

for example, if u have to bevel just the stairs and nothing els, shift-D the whole object and then delete all geometry except the stairs, and also delete the stairs frm the original. now u can safely apply bevel to the dplicate object and then merge it back to the orignal.

by the way…is the whole scene a single mesh?

Hehe. Well sometimes, but I just bought two 17" TFT’s (I’m soooo happy now, and even more broke :p) so I think I won’t sleep much next few nights :P.

At first I pleaded for one mesh, to try out UV unwrapping, but it just works faster with multiple meshes. So most is one mesh, all attatched to eachoter, but some things are different meshes. Thanks for the tip, I’l try it out, hope it’l work out nice.

Wow, it’s been waaaaay too long. I lost my back-up DVD with the .blend file of this project :(. But I found it again :). Here’s a simple render. I’m gonna improve it and hope it’l be neato. C&C is most welcome.

Wow. Very nice. I’d like to see the finished project.

It is very good. It would be nice as well to show the original with yours, just to see the comparison.

this is looking good, but as you pointed out its not original anymore :slight_smile:
you can try some volumetrics ? some high end lighting… maybe.
The scene looks a bit static at the moment, make it a bit lively (lights).

waiting for updates

cool, wonder why it reminds me of escher:p. Maybe you coul add some stair going up and down at the same time(which would lead to it’s own beginning… or something)

It’s been done a lot of times but still never ceases to amaze me

well, eaven tho the concept is not yours its still one heck of a work! good job!

Thanks all. I’ve been to the IBC (here in the Netherlands) all day and yesterday was a bit hectic also, tomorrow won’t be very useful either I think. I hope I can resume on this quickly. Thanks for the idea’s Garphik and Bleedforme.