"Relax" - Final version

Here is final version of my new work.

Something just isn’t doing it for me about her face, still. Great, great work, but it needs to be spruced up somehow. Her hair seems out of focus, and her face just really does not quite pop out like it should.

Good, good start though.

I realy love this work, I don’t care what you’w used makehuman or poser or … Actualy it reminds me my ex-girl. Great expression on her face, I mean shes smiling and her eyes are sad.

About technical details:
You shoud decrise specularity on her skin, and make some fake shadows on her body (disable grass shadows and made some object with alpha 0% but it will cast shadows more soften), but it’s just me.

Nice usage of fake DOF, and you shoud add some rabbit or puppy in to the place where she’s looking at.

If this is how your ex looked, I hate you :wink: