Relax in the sun

My latest project inspired now the summer is coming.
Would be interested in hearing any comments or ideas to improve the image.


Looks like a real photo from somewhere :slight_smile:

Thanks for that comment

I agree that it looks very photorealistic. But you should render it with more samples (I guess you knew this one ;)) and I think that you should add some mist, as a volumetric or just in post, in this case that probably wouldn’t make a difference. The reason is that in real photographs that show the horizon, things further away start to tend to some light grey color because of particles in the air. That is also why water and sky usually kind of blend into each other at the horizon. Although for this image the mist might have to be very subtle.

But looking great! :smiley:

The towels looks stiff. There is a disconnect with the towels laying all around, and the chairs and benches all perfectly aligned. The bent can laying on the deck makes me believe even more that these people don’t keep their chairs that straight. But it looks like they’ve got crab pots set out, so I’ll shut up if there might be seafood later.

Looks good.