Relax with a view


My first try on Interiors! I modelled everything myself, except for the plant which I got from blendswap. I had quite some problems with noise, even though I rendered all images with 5000 Samples and Denoiser. The denoiser is doing some funny stuff in the reflections (especially in the last shot).
I used textures for most of the materials, the stones are a particle system with my first try on procedural textures.
Let me know what you think, critique is highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

I am glad to see the plant put to good use. :smiley:

The contrast of the pictures seems a bit low. There is plenty of room for the highlights to be brighter in my opinion. Just look at all that empty space on the right:
I think some reflectivity on the tiles would improve the looks as well. Even matt stone will have some reflectivity looking at an angle, it seems a bit unaturall when it’s so completely matt. Oh and do you have some glass in the wondows? I would expect at least some reflections in the wondow glass.

Did you model the plant? :slight_smile:

Yeah, you´re right. Looking at the pictures in direct comparison , they are quiet “dull”. I was a Little afraid to loose even more color when increasing the light. I had some problems with the light/contrast/Color. For example the stones : they have 5 different shaders with 5 different colors but in each render they seem to have pretty much the same color/contrast setting.
I´ll have a look at the wall material again, thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

Yes, it seems that’s the plant I am sharing on blenswap. I am glad to see people use the stuff. :slight_smile:

There must be something wrong there with the floor shader as well it seems to get darker at higher viewing angle while it should be the oposite. I think if we are talking about the amount of light in the scene, it seems alright to me. the thing is if you are using Filmic, it compresses all the highlights so they are not lost, but it is meant to be adjusted later to fit all the dynamic range to the image’s color space. The image is meant to be color graded when it is rendered with filmic or you have some basic presets there that sort of do basic grading. If you are using one of the contrast presets, it seems it is not enough in this case to get the highlights back. I would just save the image in 16 bit TIFF format and adjust the colors and tones in Photoshop/Gimp to get the final contrast right. What about the window glass?

Nice, so the credits go to you :wink:

I didn´t color grade the images because I wanted some critique on the render as it is. SO you guys can see the problem areas, just like those you pointed out so far!

I used Portals instead of glas Windows. Like I said, I had quiet some issues with noise and Portals helped a lot. I started of with real windows but they turned out to be a real pain.

No credits. CC0. It’s not mine anymore. :slight_smile:

I think glass reflections are important. You could try adding simple planes with transparent shader mixed with glossy using Fresnel multiplied by Light Paths’ Is Camera Ray as the factor to only get reflections without interfering with the light in the scene and affecting the render times or noise.

Thats actually a pretty good idea! Thank you :slight_smile:

I tweaked the values and colors a little bit :

I think that looks a lot better already. The floor now is probably the thing that bothers me the most with the darkening in the distance, then the window reflections and the tile reflectivity and then there will be nothing else to add. Is this a real project or is it practice only? Do the specific tiles exist in reality?

As soon as i find a few spare minutes, i´ll give it a try ! Thanks again for the tips

It´s just a practice project, as i said, my first try on interiors. It´s all inspired by various pictures i saw online, so I´m not quite sure about the tiles and how they actually would look in reality. I´ve got similar tiles in my bathroom, and in comparison they look pretty much the same

Wow, what a progress compared to the first renders you sent me :slight_smile:
Additional to what Martinz said, I would maybe try and add some depth of field to some shots! Especially the closeup shots of th sink and the tub.

Very nice work. Allow me to express some thoughts.

What doesn’t look good to me personally is the scale of the concrete texture on the walls. Too small imo. Another thing is that the wall and floor edges don’t capture any light. I think they are too sharp. When I first saw this render I couldn’t tell where the wall’s lower end begins. Try beveling the edges a bit.

Hello! The mirror takes way too much attention and it looks like it’s a deep hole in the wall, which also brings the illusion that the wall is very very thick. This happens because the mirror has neither surface imperfections nor edges.

An easy way to fix this is too add some really simple grunge to the mirror even though it’s supposed to be clean. If you are using a glossy shader, just connect a grunge map image to the roughness input of the node. Otherwise i recommend watching blender gurus tutorial for surface imperfections.

Although another simple fix would be to just add really thin edges or anything to clearify that it is in fact a mirror and not a hole in the wall. You can also empathize the shadows surrounding the mirror to imply the presence of a thickness.