This is a little meditative image I created over the last few evenings:


Created and rendered in Blender 2.49

A larger image is also available.

As always, I am grateful you took the time to view my work.



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overall i like this one (as most of your work :slight_smile: )
its a little too pink for my liking though… may i ask why you are still using 2.49?

Thanks, natholas.

I’m still testing and getting used to the Blender 2.5x series and just want to wait a bit more until things are a little more stable, finalized, and consistent (in terms of render and overall performance) before attempting the final switchover.

I also still prefer working within horizontally scrollable menus (as in 2.49) instead of the vertical-only menus currently in later versions, but I am trying to adjust to that as well.


Nice, I like it. Are the plants an image or geometry?

Thanks, dmancrosse.

Everything is geometry except the sky, which is procedural.

ye it can be a bit unstable at times… and i know what you mean with the horizontal menus… i used to like them too… but trust me u wont want to go back after u used the vertical ones for a while :slight_smile: