Hi guys!

Practicing with blender between jobs…

it’s just a first layer. i like to call it : “suport layer”

appreciate your comments



trying to achieve the tire material and reflection…



Nice job! The tree in the background looks amazing!! great lighting also! The only problems I see are the flowerpot texture…maybe add some dirty or something… looks to fake…also the beams on the roof need some texture…too plain…almost like plastic…through some dirt around… remember its an outdoor scene…things get dirty! haha… anyway looks great!

thanks @Jheller11 !!
You’re right about the dirt, that’s the last detail i will add!

I’m still trying to know where I’m going whit this image… what it’s happening and if you guys have any sugestion, great!

thank again…

an update:

Here some Progress!

Here are a few close up.

Please, if you can give me some advices in order to achieve photorealism, i will be pleased!!!

Cool! How did you do the dirt on the flowerpot?

The dirt is a png image with an alpha chanel, I used the light path node to select with layer of the texture will be on top and which one is the mask. Later I will paste a screenshot of the node setup, anyways in my case is kind of try and error.

Well it looks great, thanks!

Updated image is showing a good progression. I think the upped saturation levels also help in this. I think edges are a little too sharp in most areas, and the tire needs some kind of rough rubber texture. Moving in the right direction so I’ll hold off on any more comments.

test on tire

Thanks, for all the coments.

I am listening to all of you, very helpfull critics!