Relaxation Studio - WIP

Hello Everyone!

i think the need for a quick background story to be shared:

im 17 (almost 18), and i’m in an apprenticeship doing web development.
I have very recently seen a job offer for a junior in archiviz, which would be my dream job (although im not great at it)
so i applied and i JUST about got through to the next phase, THE TEST.

now by all means im not giving this work out for others to do, but would love some feedback as i work on the project, to give me the best chances of success!

The Relaxation Room
So my task was to visualise what a relaxation room will look like after it has been re-vamped.

Now first off, I’m terrible at texturing so is there any resources that people know of that could boost my skills here?
I’ll post updates as i go :slight_smile:


Okay so here are the first images

The Relaxation Suite

100% Res - 300 Samples - 1min 28sec

A Lamp

Next up, im going to texture the walls and floor :slight_smile:
Then it will look a little more visually pleasing :slight_smile:

Nice! I would really like to see this finished :slight_smile:

Unfortunatly the colour of the beds has to stay, and “turquoisy blue” will be a predominant colour.
Also the walls will be a colour between cream and tan…

with that inn mind, what colour should the floor be?

i was thinking a thin carpet that would be chocolate brown, as brown and blue are contrasting colours.
but also its a darker shade of the creamy colour on the walls?

what do you guys think?

Could be great! :slight_smile: I suggest you to add a bit of translucency in the upper part of the lamp ( i don’t know how it is called ) it’s not realistic right now, a bit of light have to pass through.

Why the colour of the bed has to be blue? Can’t you change it?

Basically ive applied for a job,
and out of 17 applicants, me and some others have been chosen to do a test, which will determine who goes to the interviews :slight_smile:

now i got accepted into the test!

theres a few things they say i have to do.
certain wallpaper, beds, sofas, lamps…

but there are a few things like the floor and lighting etc i still have control over though :slight_smile:

Well, good luck! what do you think about making multiple lighting setups? One bright like that and another one with dim lights, as it should be a relaxation room.

By the way i know you don’t have hardware problems, but is well known that cycles is so damn noisy with interior renderings, and is necessary to bump up the samples, that means also bump up the render time, so you can consider Corona as a renderer too, i tried it and is really, really fast and gives professional looking results, of course, with the materials you don’t have the same freedom that you have with the nodes in cycles, but are pretty easy to understand :slight_smile:

The final lighting setup will be a mixture of orangey and white and it will definitely have more of an atmosphere (kind of like the lamp lighting but a bit darker)

and thanks for the advice on Corona!
i should probably check it out but for this project im gonna pass, only cause i need it to look GOOD and i have good knowlege with advanced cycles materials and little time to learn much else…

plus @ 100% res and 1000 samples it takes under 5mins to render, so im sure i can set it to 10K samples over night :wink:

Okay well i forgot to put the last update on so heres two updates :slight_smile:

Render 02:
I knew the texture wasn’t right for the floor, and ive added side table and lamp to please the spec.

Render 03:
Found a better texture that was actually tileable and had a good play with color maps.
(Wouldn’t have been able to do this without architecture academy)

My next focus is on modelling a few chairs and stools as thats in the spec :slight_smile:
Please, please, please post C&C as im relying on it :wink:

This is Render 03 from a different angle,
I’ve also edited the light bounces:
Max = Was 6, Now 12
Min = Was 0, Now 4

Took almost 30mins to render :smiley:


The wood planks seem a bit too big to me, you can also consider the Floor Generator addon to make it :slight_smile: you will have to play around with boolean, but you can achieve a good result.
Then i don’t suggest you to increase the light bounces, you will only increase render time without gaining any visually noticeable difference.
Try bumping and displacing also the beds, the texture looks flat right now. By the way, how are you going to create the beds? Will you follow an architecture academy tutorial or this is already the final shape??

In terms of archviz you must pay close attention to scale of objects relative to one another. To me something is off here…it may be the bed height or overall dimension or the ceiling is low. Also the flooring texture is too large…probably 3 times too big. Side tables should be about the same height as the bed not taller. Also the position of the camera is not flattering. Begin with an eye level view and keep the camera level no rotating up or down which will distort the view. Just do some research on the internet and make the necessary adjustments. The rest is cake;) just kidding but scale does play a major factor especially if you are applying for a archviz job:)

UPDATE: job is no longer available :frowning:
But i wanna finish this off anyway! (screw the specs)

thanks for the comments guys! :slight_smile:

  1. Cant believe i was silly enough to not see them planks were out of scale…
    obviously been staring at it wayy too much :slight_smile:

  2. Also the ceiling is 2.75m off the ground and the dimensions for the daybed was meant to be 1m high,
    ill look into the exact scale of it before i model it properly.
    (yeah this is what they said to model, but it looks ugly. with the specs out the way i can make it whatever i want!)

  3. ill look into the floor generator addon! thanks! :slight_smile:

  4. light bounces can REALLY make a difference on an interior scene in blender. the reflections are noticeably better in my scene which is what i was hoping for.

  5. The beds are gonna follow the same design, but be re-modeled, and i believe i want them made out of black leather?
    and yeah the course is gonna teach me how to do that :wink:

i think i covered everything there :slight_smile: