Relaxed Face

Hi all!
I want to share with you my last blender render.
I Modeled the base face in blender and then sculped with the blender scultp tools.

All done in Blender (render with blender internal) and a little of PS

I did a wallpaper as well :wink:

Hope you like it!

Wallpaper :

Reminds me of Fran on FF XII. Am I the only one who got this first impression?

Anyways, good model. Got my thumb up.

Thanks Buttons
He don’t remember me the Fran from FFXII :smiley:

Thanks anyway!

i think its nice…i would be cooler if it had color… also i noticed the top of the head was weird looking…but i can’t say anything bad cuz i SUCK at modling in blender =(