Relaxing a selection cause a mess in the mesh structure

Hello friends,

Relaxing a selection cause a mess in the mesh structure.
Who else have this problem or know a solution?

I’m using the latest Blender 2.71 on Win 8.1 N x64.


Relax is not in the default toolset. It must be an addon you are using. Which one?

It is this addon, which is by default in Blender.
I just activated and used it.

I remember that one from a long time ago, it stopped working predictably a few versions ago, and I don’t think it’s been updated (the script still says 2.57, which means a lot has changed since it was first coded). That’s the trouble with addons, they fall behind as changes get made to the main program.
Try the built in laplacian smooth operator instead. You can also try the LoopTools relax which works quite differently though! You have to selet a loop or part of a loop, not the whole surface. You may not like it.

Ok, this have to be the reason.
Thank you very much!

I will try out your sugestions. :slight_smile: