relaxing bath

hi everyone, this is a beautiful bathroom then i check in google.
i want to replicate it in blender and this is the result.
any critique are welcome:)

You need to render it for quite a few more samples. It is very noisy. The clamp direct value may also help with the noise if you want to save render time

This is in the wrong thread. It should be in one of the support threads…

Nevermind, I misread “I want to recreate it in blender” I think you meant “I made it in blender”

It’s quite noisy so you could render it on high samples.
For the environment texture did you use a night HDRI?

thanks for critique…yes joseph i said that badly:) i look a photo on google and i create this scene:)
i create another render. i remove the volume scatter for reduce time for render and this is result:)


thanks very much:) no i use a morning HDRI and i insert a volume scatter into the scene. finally i done some composition:)

Your Welcome!
Now it looks much better with the noise all gone.