Relaxing scene remastered

Hello after reaaaaally long break. I thought it would be nice to do remaster of my old projects.
So here it is: before and after. Hope you’ll ike it.


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It is wonderful! I can really see the difference and quality!

I like it very-very much. There is only one thing I would change - is some imperfections to the glass jar material - now it is too perfect (also, may be it is worth using a node setup for correct glass absorbtion -

Amazing improvement :eek: I’ve never thought of going back to old projects. Good idea and nicely executed.

@margenta - thank you for your opinion! I will try to improve it with my new project. :slight_smile:
@gumen - thank you! In my opinion this is a good way to see improvement and progress - when you compare what you’ve done and what are you doing currently.