Relaxing topology!

Hello I wonder if anybody knows if there is some kind of smooth tool in blender. That smooths the loops or the entire mesh without it loosing it’s form.

Like just a little bit. Because I got lots of loops squesed together and that are hard to reach that I would like to spread out so they are evenly wide.

Going in and taking each loop and having to try to make the distance between them being equal. Would take hours, but if I try to use the smooth tool it just makes the mesh loose it’s form and get more round.

Would it be possible to smooth the mesh without making it getting more round?

you could go into sculpt mode and use the smooth brush tool - you can adjust the size of the brush and the strength of the brush with F and shift F.

haven’t read this myself, but saw it earlier and thought it might help.

Isn’t there an addon called “relax mesh”
Haven’t looked into it, but it sounds it might we what your looking for.

Try this (2.53):

duplicate your mesh and apply a shrinkwrap from one to the other. Select all verts you want to relax and click on the “smooth vertex” button in the toolbar (or press W and choose “smooth”)

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How about using the Edge Slide option? It’s available in the Edges menu (CTRL+E). Just select the edge or edge loop you want and call that feature, then drag the mouse slide the selection.

go to Crouch thread he has done a loop smooth script

it may help you here