Release-date of Blender 2.40

Hallo Blender community!

Does someone knows the release date of Blender 2.40? I hope it`s coming out before 2006! :wink:


I know it exactly, with a precision that exceeds to an infinite degree that of the new optical atomic clock : it will be realeased when it will. At that same very moment and then it’ll spread all around the world at the speed of light.

Sorry, I understand (mildly though) your impatience but get used to it : that’s the way it is.


Technically it was planned to be released at the end of this week,
however - bugfixes are always prioritized so it might take a little
longer yet.

It´s really just around the corner, if everything goes well and most
of the bugs gets fixed AND the users report less bugs…My guess
would be December 19th

…IF everything goes as planned that is!

enough of this…