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okay, as i understand, there will be no 2.38 or 2.39 that doesnt matter though, is there a place that is often updated about the development so far? i am really anticipating 2.40, and want to know a release date as soon as possible :smiley:

when it is ready

blender releases are usually every 9 or so months, this having lots of new stuff will probably be longer

play with a testing build… your anticpiation is a bit much

well I dunno…you are sure it’s 9months? anyway. I think they were trying to aim for a release for the Conference in october. I might be completly wrong tho…

and anyway, go play with the testing build like z3r0 said, it’s already alot for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Last one was like 5 months, and that was because a lot of stuff was added. 2.40 is cheduled for October as far as I know. Things may change, of course.

Everything about Blenders release cycle :

We’re at B-con 1 now, so it will still take a few months for another release. Until B-con 4 there’s no need to get nervous…

Indeed current target is somewhere in october, there is never a fixed date up untill just a few days before the release.

You can already find testing builds of the current cvs at the forums though, also you can always at any moment get a copy of the cvs to try and build your own blender version.


Or build your own. Blender is currently at 2.38 now. For the very latest inormation read the commit logs. You can see the programmers in their native environment from a safe distance.

ah. okay. ill go check out those test builds. :smiley:

blender releases are usually every 9 or so months, this having lots of new stuff will probably be longer

Actually 2-4 releases per year is preferred, but major refactors can make the cycle quite a bit longer. As noted above current ‘target’ is October. Ton needs a stable blender for Orange so that is probably going to be a big determinant of the next release.


Honestly, I’ve stopped caring about release dates since the new testing forum was put up. I use all the features as soon as their ready. I’ve rarely had any stability issues (and im running on windows! how can this be?!).

Marty_D I thought the lasted official blender release was 2.37a ??

Official is indeed 2.37.a.

2.38 is a development step just so that that step is tagged, not meant for release

2.39 will probably the same, and next release is 2.40.

They may have tagged 2.38 for testing ID too. Just to keep things organized. My guess anyway. [edit: isn’t that what lukep said? you say :/] Who knows the what those developers are up to next. If I recall, previous developement cycles kept the official release number clear through to the beta.

Ok. To clear everything up, here’s from the mailing list, directly from Ton on July 22.

Hi all,

I mentioned it as an idea to Daniel last night, but notice he already
took action immediately! :slight_smile:

Because of the amount of changes in the code, with associated
version-conversions (armature/pose system, modifier system), it’s safer
to move the version number up now. That way (new) files saved won’t go
through the list of non-needed hacks to get things working, and is
testing version-conversions more secure.

It also means we need a formal decision on the migration path… all
issues I intended to make a proposal for first!

Proposal: next official release will be 2.40, targeted somewhere in
October (?).
We can bump up two intermediate release codes:

Done now: depgraph, armature/pose recode, modifier system recode

2.38: rvk/action/nla system, action/nla editors recode, etc.
render pipeline changes (to be announced!)
2.39: Tuhopuu UI migration (?)
Final testing, testing builds

The SoC migration (after approval) should fit in somewhere too. Right
now don’t have a lot of time for making a planning, will try to present
one before next sunday meeting!

Sorry this wasn’t communicated earlier…


Ton Roosendaal Blender Foundation ton at