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Does anyone know when Blender 2.34 is coming out? It would be cool if there was something like a countdown on a website somewhere to successive Blender releases. Ok, it might not be easy to say what day exactly the next version will be released but even a weekly countdown.

When it’s done.

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There is a count-down, look at

we are in B-con 3 situation, which means that features are freezed, all is already in CVS, and the release is sheduled first week of august.

For a list of features in 2.34 :

Thanks Lukep, that’s what I wanted to know. I think I’m going to try and compile the Tahopuu tree and get into the habit of doing that to try out new features. I can’t wait for this next release - the subsurf creasing is what I want and the UV unwrapping features look nice.

I usually don’t try to compile binaries myself because I end up with a string of compile errors. That’s why I stopped programming because it just made my head hurt when I couldn’t figure out simple compile problems - normally they arose because I didn’t use the right precompiled header.

I liked the idea that Mozilla adopt with their nightly builds but I guess for Blender that might be a bit hard to do because it’s so big. Weekly builds might be ok, though. I’m sure if there was a repository, even users could build the tahopuu tree for each platform every week - it would take the heat off the developers and it would be easier to weed out bugs because more users would be able to get the pre-official release binaries.

Sigh, my mum says that when she makes my tea but it don’t stop the hunger.[/quote]

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Blender is much smaller than the 1000 pounds gorilla.

I you go to, you will find a testing build forum where user contributed test builds are presents.

Official test build can be there too

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I tried I couldn’t get into the site:
it must be down or something. You’re right though, there is an OS X build in the forum with some of the tuhopuu build features so I’ll play around with it and it has supposedly fixed the integration with yafray. :smiley:

I will put there a release candidate for testing later today or tomorrow (Os X 10.3)

test build :

please test and report there

Nice one, I’ll get testing it out straight away. :smiley:

That build is OSX! Is there a windows build like that?

Yeah, if you go into the forum for test builds, there are a few for Windows.

This should be a link to the latest Windows test build:

Check other posts here if you have any trouble:

I think it’s prob around 1-2 of august.