Release Meshmolder Beta 7.3

Faster, with dynamic topology, with improved automatic texture creation (LSCM), 64-bit version also available. Example in the video above demonstrates step by step, from start to finish in Keyshot.

Curious how Meshmolder compares with Blender’s sculpt… anyone have any experience between the two?

I think you should upload more quality sculptures to promote the software IMHO

This is all nice and I could not create such a program, but what advantages does this have over dyntopo?..not to mention it is external and one would need to import models into blender after they are created…

This sounds like I am being un-just, but I am really curious...what sets this apart from dyntopo?

It is an alternative to the Dyntopo, in addition it will have a function, in the next version, similar Meshmixer, where parts will connect easily to the whole. Blender is excellent and Meshmolder is easier for beginners. I want to make a system faster and I’m adding new tools in each version. In the next you will have a system for creating positions. The idea is everyone has another alternative application.

It’s always good to have alternatives…I’m just not sure how much traction this is going to receive??? Not to be presumptuous, in all honesty I wish you good luck.

Yet another sculpting program that creates cleaner geometry compared to Dyntopo… I’d say this is more of an alternative to Sculptris with an added mesh-mixing feature. Dyntopo’s only real advantage is that it’s part of Blender.