Release Of Projects

Dear blender users,

I am releasing most of my personnal projects and blender files. You might comment, but I wont be back.

They are mainly game engine things, which is why I am posting here. They can not truly reflect the amount of information I have learned and gained. Hopefully some might find a good use for it.

Projects and Demos


A Marble Game
A Fully Animated Character
A Piano
An Old Marble Game

An Airplane
A Conveyor Belt
Get/Set Location
Adding Objects
Character Set-Up

Blender Game Reference
Old Blend Examples
FPS Tutorial
Tutorial by Snailrose

I am sharing these because I believe that something will happen soon. This thing is predicted in the Bible. I see the world fulfilling these prophecies. As in Germany with consolidation of power: 9/11 and Twin Towers or the German Reichstag Building, the Patriot act: the Reichstag Fire Decree, the military commisions act of 2006: the enabling act, things are happening before our eyes. The world will wonder after the Beast and his image. If you can do something with the files, then good. If they will help you in eternity, then good, probably not. Now I know that not all of you choose to believe in God. That is your choice. But, what if an eternity hung in the balance? Would you be found wanting in the end? As Pascal put it,“Let us weigh the gain and the loss in wagering that God is. Let us estimate these two chances. If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, then, without hesitation that He is.”

What do you choose? An eternity? A loss of eternity? If there is no God, then in the end it does not matter. Everyone dies. So, your choice then? Maybe there is not enough information to make an acurrate decision? Maybe nothing can be trusted? Well, what if something is true? What if something has no limits? What if something can tell you the future? What if God told you? Would you believe it?

If you would like to learn what is the truth, then visit

Peace and God Bless


i’ll take a look at the files later.

Your post is hilarious.

This is a joke, right?

Are you from America? I guess… It was time for you American people to face the terror that you spread to the world. Thank you for giving me the chance to say these things to Americans.
We the rest see you as the Beast. We the rest live to see your [email protected] nation destroyed. We see your corruption, your greed and your blasphemy. And we hope to stay alive after the Beast dropped dead.
The Revelation never explained correctly. Even in the language that it’s written paragraphs can have different meanings. Imagine the propaganda that can be made by a single translation.
2012. The thirteenthb’ak’tun cycle. From Maya calendar. You live to their land, you must be most afraid of this. I wish to live then but how knows you American people may freak out and kills us all.

Me, I don’t mind to go to Hell if beer it’s ice cold!!

Peace on world, my brothers!!!

Instead of following blindly what is written in the Bible, try to learn from it, and understand that what it’s said in it is that mandkind has the Gift of God : the choice to change the world.
prophecy is not something that fullfill without our will, what happen is what we let/make happen.
It is very likely that USA follow the scheme of Nazi Germany, but there is also big differences … the people are not the same, they can have learned from the past, and Internet is there also to challenge the propaganda that made Nazi’s success. (information is no longer entirely controlled by the state or the elite…)
Look at what’s going on is South America, you will find hope there …

the awakenig of global consciousness is in the work since 50 years now, and maybe 2012 is like some millstone on the road … :slight_smile: (maybe we’ll have also some other surprise from… elsewhere … )

Thanks for the sharing of your work, but try not to live in fear : It is the small death that lead to retaliation (dixit Frank Herbert)

this is all very intersting but if you arn’t gonna talk about the blender game engine… but resort to threating people cos you think they might be American
haramanai please take your hate to some other forum… I’m sure there are lots of people you could talk to about your problems but this is a BLENDER forum not I hate random people forum…

That is not a good way to make friends, my man.

Locked for religious content, generally predicting the death of everybody, etc.