blender has arrived…:slight_smile:

blender is not yet released,wait some minute!

UiiiiuW! And is overloaded… just gotta wait to get bandwidth enough to download it :stuck_out_tongue:

haha…too bad i got it before all of you.People are soo slow…

i got it too!!!

Yeah, it was on blendernation already.
I saw smt funny in the release.
When opening my first file it started searching on a dir called users/Ton/Desktop/
Hilarious :]

It seems that the server has exploded. A torrent someone?

Oh nuts the site is down:no:

Didn’t realize the site would be overloaded that quickly, it was working fine just a few hours ago.

Oh well, it will be available momentarily;)

I think they are just moving the site at the very moment
'cause I get a database error when I try :smiley:

Filehippo has the release

Its back up for me now.

They changed the site’s look it seems.
Now let’s download some blend :cool:
Whoohoo :yes:

You bloomin’ Americans with your ‘momentarily’ - to us Brits that means ‘for a moment’, not ‘in a moment’. I can remember going to Disneyworld for the first time, hearing the mystic “this ride will stop momentarily; please ensure you have all your belongings with you” voice and thinking “quick, gotta get off before it starts moving again!” Ah, the delights of language.

On a different note now seems navigable again! We can download to our hearts’ content. Though I think I shall refrain for a few days - RC3, the other release builds and jahka’s particles have already made me get so behind on work! Must hold back… :wink:

its running again!

great design!

Yes, a great design. I’m impressed.

Blender is out and I for one feel like I can breath, my last one was in December! The website is a jewel. OK, it must be time to really start seeing just what it all means. Got to get home and play with it…

OK - This time I think it’s safe to say “Yay it’s here” without the whole thread being removed.

Ammunisionist: I think it might just be. /:stuck_out_tongue:

I see Wu made it on the new release notes page (not Wu-Man, he’s not wearing his outfit). Heh heh, never thought he would ever accomplish anything like that.

Hey? Can’t seem to find links to the older Blendergalleries on the new website…

Oh yeah, and the new release… Yippee-ki-yay