Releasing a finished game on Steam

Hi, everybody. I have been working in Blender for several years and decided to finally release the project on Steam, with monetization. After a meeting in Blenderchat and blenderdevtalk, I decided to ask the person who successfully released several games. I studied the license for several years to release this project, but I’m afraid to do it because of possible errors in my understanding of the license. It says that the paid version should have a link to download the program for free, namely the source code. I want to ask you how you implemented the ability to sell your game, how you implemented. exe (through the addon that comes with blender or independently implemented reader), where and what exactly did you place to fulfill the license clause on free access to the source code? Thank you very much in advance. I am working in upbge after removing the game engine from versions older than .79 Blender. I’ve already asked about it, but no one has answered. Can you tell me?

Hi SSS_Krut! UPBGE license equivalent to the BGE license if you compiled an exe file through the UPBGE addon, this file is subject to the rights that you must lay out the source code, all your files that were not compiled as exe are your property, the BGE developers have long suggested that in order not to violate the blender license, create an exe file that will simply launch your game and will contain only a one-time trigger sensor and an actuator for launching the desired file. Either you need to find in Google the site of the user Blendenzo or find him here on the site, he even seems to have made his own player to run the blend files

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@CG_Sky made a tutorial on how to put a game on steam right here:

For the source it’s easy.

  • ANY .blend used to create the .EXE is GPL bound! (so use a launcher(a .blend that launches your game.blend will do))
  • PYTHON, if you USE any of the Bge API’S then those scripts are BOUND to GPL (99% of gpl can be avoided so search this forum, not gonna explain everything every few days xD)
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@Villi89 , @Cotaks Understood. Thank you very much. I’m sorry I didn’t thank you sooner :slight_smile: