Releasing my designs

Hey folks,

I’ve been using Blender for years now, and have always enjoyed sharing my python scripts, and some 3d experiments with you all. Every time I give something away to the community I get so much back it amazes me.

But… I as I’m sure many of you, have really been spoonfed the idea that I need to protect my source files/copyright.

Now after having a long long think I decided that really… It’s just more fun to give everything away.

Therefore I am releasing a heap of my things under a CC-by license. Meaning that anyone can download/use the stuff, as long as they give me credit as the source/designer.

Here’s a few things I’ve put online over the weekend (the blend files).

All my pattern designs:

All the old 3d files in my gallery that I could find (I lost a heap sadly, and am looking for a few more):

You may already know Petunia, the little robot, but I just now put a couple more versions of him online, that I hadn’t released till now:

I also published some of my old music a short while ago:

I hope some of you have a use for them. I plan to release my future work under this license as well.

Oh wow, macouno! Badass! I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m certainly grateful for your willingness to share. Awesome.

Thanks Dude,

I downloaded the bamboo file . . . and a couple of patterns.

I will be using them in a traditional comic - that is family friendly!

Have a great new year and glad that you share. I wish you every sucess for your future!

Indeed, it’s great to give back, and you do receive a lot in return. I’m sure this will help many people.

great resource to have… thank you so much mocouno :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve been spoonfed full-copyright too, but its not always the best route.

Thanks again Macouno!

Thanks a lot!

those are quite a psychedelic patterns…
do you have any examples of your works where you have been using them… ? would be interesting to see…


Thanks guys for the encouragement. I’m really happy I decided to do this though it gave me the creaps at first.

basse: Right now I’ve got a few printed versions of the patterns (80x60cm canvas) exhibited at ‘La Copes’, a really excellent cafe here in The Hague (corner of ‘laan copes van catteburg’ & ‘raamweg’). I’m looking to do more with them… but for right now this is it. I was talking to a fashion house as well, but that fell through. I’m at a point now where I’m going to concentrate more on my ‘art’ and less on office work… so it’s an exciting time, and this seems like a step in the right direction.

thank you for these patterns, they are truly amazing:D, could you give some insight on how they are made?

The patterns are very cool!

Do you know of any existing tutorials on how to create these 2d repeatable patterns from scratch in Blender? I imagine it shouldn’t be too difficult to learn. Mastering the art form is a whole other issue.

I’ll think about maybe someday doing a turorial, but let me just give a hint.

This page is a good starting point:

That knowledge combined with linked/rotated/mirrored objects in blender is a nice way to begin.

I checked out that page just before I first posted to this thread. My initial guess is that you are possibly using mirror modifiers, but I’m not sure.

Many thanks for allowing us to see these blend files! I can learn alot from that.

I have a question, since you say you release scripts on Alien HelpDesk as well:

You have 2 versions of your inset script. However, they are exactly the same code with the exception of the comment stating that version 2 is more complex (or does more, something). The code in the script is otherwise a duplicate of the first version. Am I missing something?


Thanks for sharing those patterns, macouno. Really great technique, too. It’s too bad the fashion house turned you down, some of those patters would look good as wearable art. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing these man they’re awesome, I found myself just rotating them around and feeling mesmerised. Beautiful intricate patterns!

Neat - I also downloaded the robot - I am planning for digital art where the robot will be perfect. I will send a link for it when I feel the artwork is ready. And yes I will credit you!

Hey, thanks… Always good to study, loved the robot, it’s really good…
It’s really nice of you to share your work, really appreciate it =)

Thanks Macouno for sharing your awesome work to us…another great learning resources for techniques used…