relection shinyness

could someone give me tutorial on how to make an object shiny. ive looked for tutorials but they havent really helped… i know that you have to put some hdr image on it but im not sure what all the setting and things would be for render

In order to make something shiny, it has to have a high specularity for starters. However, specularity is a lighting shader, real shinyness comes from specularity and mirror.

Look at polished metal. It´s very bright where light hits it -> high specularity.
The rest of the look comes from it mirroring it´s sourrounding. So just cranking up the mirror factor does not give it a realistic look. You need something to mirror in it.

For static images you can use a texture affecting the mirror channel of the object, this is static though, if you use animations you got to either use a surrounding scene, an angular or spherical world-texture.

just wondering if you able to show or me or give me a tutorial how to do this… i got a mirror to work on the ground but not the object im doing it on…