Relic of Keyh

Hey Ho, been such a long time since ive been able to blend a still for fun, all my recent CG efforts have been work based.

This is based around the mood and style im trying to capture for my next short, loosely based around the same world, nothing really plot wise, just a mixture of effects i may encounter.

Phew well thats my fun, hope you like it, back to work-blending :wink:

Peace out!

wow I love the dust cloud on the left!!
How did you make it. I’m trying to create acceptable dust efects for days now and haven’t been able to come up with something that was even close to this.

Nice work Lee. The colours are great and the lighting is exceptional. Any post production on this, or not?


Fabulous as usual Lee. I’m not going to wish you out of work to do more of this stuff, but damn man! you’re tempting me :smiley:

thanks for your replies 8)

koudenjongen: the effect of the dust getting blown back from the mini-crater was made in basically the same method as my whisp effect ( ), using lattices with some basic particles, and lots of motion blur (3 hours to render!)

Bg: hey thanks man! since it had been so long since i had blended an idea i put most my effort into blender, i ofcourse use p-p to finish off a still because the right contrast and colours cannot be finalised just in 3d, basically just a default levels–>and an overcast layer to give some added contrast.

slikdigit: thankyou very much! trust me it wont be long before il be blending something more from my mind, it will explode if i dont :wink:

edit ah what the hey, heres a couple-o-wires

Peace Out!

Your work continues to amaze me, man. I can’t wait to see your next short.

thanks Fweeb =D

next short coming, but it will take a good lot of time, see siggy :wink:

Whoa… alright… then it’s a race. Hopefully mine will be finished and polished by then.