Reliefe of a sorts (plus my first off-topic)

I was away for couple of days, like if someone would realy notice, for the reason I just was in the military (something that is must do for everyone where I live), but as it turned out I got relesed from the peace time service because of my undiagnosed epilepsy and bad feet problem.

Tough the service itself would not been that bad, only six months from my time, but I think its better this way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Peace and out. :wink:

Where do you live that military service is required of everyone?
What would you have been doing for the next 6 months had you not been released?

Epilepsy? Nothing serious I hope. Was this the first you knew of it?

I was in the reserves here in Canada. I went and visited a recruiting centre after I graduated from University, and they were pretty eager to have me as an officer since they are desperate for personnel. I changed my mind because I remembered the part I really didn’t like about the military: getting yellled at constantly. I don’t like getting yelled at because I tend to yell back :smiley: It’s good for people who like it though, the military gives all kinds of benefits to their soldiers. :smiley:

That was actually mistake of a consept, when I wrote must for everyone. It should have been must for men, women can do it if they wantto. And if men do not want to do it, they must do civil serivice. That’s the way of the Finland.

If I would be in the military right now I would be in artirelly division, you know big guns.

What comes in my epilepsy I knew of it, but luckily it’s not serious, 'cause I’ve had only one attack so far during my life, but it is enough for military for not to risk it.

Well, we all wish you the best :smiley: