Religion really sucks

There ya have it, flame away you ignorant and weak people that believe in spiritual gods and whatnot that could classify as religious!

no, you suck

(thats good enogh to start off with right?)

Sure! Why not?

Btw, you suck too!


you suck to infinity + 1!!!

hmmmm, let me guess, you guys are bored aren’t ya?

If so i have a project for you. Figure out how to make a knarled old tree that twists and bends and then write a tutorial on it.

Atheism is a belief in itself and one needs more talent for faith than others because it asks to believe in matter and humans when we know that both are pretty dumb. Although not a religion (ethym. “link to god”) it has all the characteristics of it and is responsible for just as much innocent deaths, if not more, in a much shorter time.
For the record : I think that both, religion and atheism, are men’s things and I feel both pity and scorn for the human anguish that is motivating their creation : I practice neither.

Clear something up for me. Not believing in anything is belief? I can’t seam to figure that one out.

As for dreamsgate: MODEL IT! Art takes time to develop. You don’t become picasso by following tuts.

Sure “I believe in God” is faith. “I don’t believe in God” is, for good old logic rules of the NOT operator “I believe in NOT God”. So you are believing :slight_smile:

Please don’t mix Faith and Religion, the all of you!


I was kind of hoping that you were able to do it by yourself…

So you don’t believe in anything ? Then you don’t believe in your own existence ? Wow ! Blows the mind away!

Funny. So the only way to not be religious is to not know of the different religions? Faith, I thought that was a name for people that can’t seem to get to grips of the fact that they can’t control life. What has it got to do with religion?

You see, if I think religion is a waste of time, much like pissing people off for fun is, why should I care for anything religious then?

Come one people, flame away, why the heck do you think I started this thread? Elysiun needs a flame darnit!

Oh! I just came up with another one! Blender sucks!

funny that you mistake religion and faith right after he asks you not to do that :slight_smile:

… or so do you believe ! :smiley: :smiley:

The proof of your faith has come when a frog felt into one : the poor animal had the life sucked right out of it !

Its strategy mate. You see, if you come through looking like a moron not knowing what you’re talking about. People will flame you not only for thinking different. But also for not being able to produce anything costructive. First rule of flaming, you don’t talk about flame club… eh… I mean, be a moron. People will get pissed off then!

A very clever novelist called Salman once told me in his book:

The opposite of believe is

<i>d o u b t</i>

I thought believe was doubt?

wow, and I thought the opposite of belief was disbelief, from the latin rooth di-, “contrary to”.


ahhhh…finally we see the true Macke. the one we all love…the one that gets on everybody’s nerves and loves it :smiley:

Welcome back, i missed you…



I’ve been missing? Oh well, you suck too!

I love this, you guys are hilarious!

Oh yeah, you all suck.