I do not mean this in any way offensive, I’m only curious. I know that the term Christian or Islam, or any other religion stated isn’t specific, I.E. Christian can include Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran… List goes on. Understand? The Religions stated are the top 5 (Except Scientology) based on a 2005 scientific census. If I have offended anyone, you have my sincerest apologies.

Politically correct huh? :smiley:

Here we go again…
Can’t we just BAN everything with religion in it?

Atheist isn’t quite Non-Religious, it is more a belief that there is no deity.

Agnostic is more non-religious (although I believe there are few true Agnostics, as it is difficult to reserve judgement on something as important in the world as religion.)

Many Christians would have issue with being clumped with Catholics.

This thread is very unlikely to go anywhere good, as vliegtuig intimated.

But, meh, give it a go…


I sense flames in the future.

You forgot to add “The Force”, “Santa Claus” and whatever the Egyptions believed in, the one with a god for the sun and such.

Let the flaming begin!


I put my faith in the midi-chlorians to lead me on the path to ultimate power - Sith style, yeah! Other than that, I think the list should include buddhism.

A. Threads like this shouldn’t be started.

B. If they are, they should have LOADS of religions on them.

Deist (sp?)

Oh, what about Open Source?


I declare Blender a religion!

Everytime you open up Blender you should first bow down to the monitor, afterwhich you will Blend, a ritual of modelling scenes and objects using Blender. Also, once a week, you will sacrifice a program that has never been installed, a virgin just downloaded from the internet to the Blender by deleting it!

Now let us chant: “I will always use Blender. I give my life to Blender. Everything Blender wants, Blender gets. Blending is the meaning of my existence! Blend on.”


Wow jackj you only have around 70 posts so far and you’re already starting this shit.

Please refrain from posting religeous topics here please. No offense, but all it does is start flame wars.