Relink missing blend file - lost link to external drive name change

Hi all,

ive been working on this scene where i used link a external blend file. Because i need to move the file in the scene i made a duplicate of the file, using shift d. I had a problem with my external drive so it showed up twice while it was actually only available once, blinder however took the wrong data path. The file is locate on a drive name ‘MF99’ in the blender file under data blocks its named ‘MF99 1’. when i set this path to the correct on blender looses the link on reopening.

I always save my files without relative links, is this wrong?

Is there a way i can properly relink it?


Put source and destination files in that missing destination. Then open destination file and change all path to relative. After you can move them to a new location (where you want source file to be). Open destination file and save it to a desire location. A bit complicated)). p.s. tweaking outliner datablocks - library - file path (source file destination) didn’t help, objects stay Empties.

Hmmm its doable but i need to make a spare USB disk than and set the same address. Thanks for the tip though! handt thought of this.

But when the file is there, i can than use the edit linked library addon to save it in other place?