Relinking relative library files

I’m relatively linking my models for this animation I am working on and have decided that I want to put the animation scenes into their own directories. Naturally this cocks up the relative links to the models. So I go into the Outliner > Libraries and add a “…” (note that I’m on windows so it seems to be this slash) to the front of the file path after the “//” but nothing happens or is updated.

For ease of discussion I tried an example by altering the default cube in a file saved as Linked and linking to the altered cube in a file in the same dir called Linker. Then I put Linker into a subdirectory and tried altering the library path as above. Nothing happens and when saving and reopening the link has completely gone - at least this answers my question of how to remove library links from the outliner after deleting the object from the 3d view.