Relistic Car Brake Lights

I was playing around in blender.

that’s cool how you made it ?
you are using planes with alpha and shadeless?

I selected all the faces that had the tail lights, duplicated them and separated.

then I edited my texture and made the tail lights brighter.

Then I applied that new tex to the seperated faces.

then I added logic bricks that made it always invisible, but visible when you press the down arrow key.

that’s clever, nice idea

Sure, anytime! :smiley:

Funny, I used this method before. I just never thought everyone knew about stuff like this, anyway good example.

couldn’t you just have planes set to ‘add’ over top of it?

Nice, its a simple yet very effective detail which goes missing in a lot of games around here.

I did it with my hummer vs heli game, but i used a plane with a alpha and scale IPO, so it kinda grows and alphas in quickly, the fades away (using the flipper setting in the ipo actuator)

Yeah, normally I have a plane, and the texture is a big red square with lots of feather, and it’s to bright. You normally don’t see it that bright except at night time, so I tried it thid way.

I also added glow around it.

The reason I duplicated the faces where the tail lights were, was so it was the same exact size, and I had more control around the area where the tail lightes were.

I don’t get it :S