Relistic dust

See this video?

I’d like to add some super-realistic dust to it when the box hits the ground. How would I do that?

If you’ll be using blender, since it’s particles aren’t good for dust, you can do what I did. One render of really puffy clouds and then another render of very small black particles (Emit a plane or a sphere with a ‘noise’ texture, so that it render little dots) then subtract the dots area from the puffy cloud smoke or mix them however you like and you get the idea of lots of little particles, when in reality your just removing really small spaces…hope that helps, here’s an image to give you an idea of what it may look like. (I used after effects to combine the dust…maybe you can do better particles in there)


Thanks a lot :smiley: But I don’t really understand what to do :S I’m not that advanced in blender’s particle system to understand how to do all that.

Also I don’t have aftereffects, but I love your image there. Really nice :smiley: I’m looking for something like that, but really light.

if you want good looking dust you CAN use particles, just use a musgrave texture and play around with the Z transparency and the texture properties until you get the look you want.

I’ll give that a shot, thx :slight_smile:

This is what I got.

That looks good except the dust looks like it comes up too late. What I did was instead of making a bunch of really tiny particles to simulate dust, I just made a couple big poofy clouds, then I rendered a “noise” texture applied to a plane, so that it looked like a bunch of little black dots, then I used the plane as a particle, and only rendered a few, the material was set to shadeless, that way it wouldn’t have to calculate for each little black dot, cause it was just a texture. Then I mixed the two, and wherever there was a black dot it removed from the poofy cloud, you could most likely do this quite easily in blender nodes. It made it easier. BTW if you want to have a bunch of little particles, you’ll notice that in blender it gives each particle the exact same texture. If you make the particle system emit an object, and then give that object a texture, if you set it to apply globally instead of ‘orco’ it will make each individual particle look different.

Wow, sounds like a lot of work :stuck_out_tongue:

I know my dust is late, but I don’t know how to speed it up. I raised one of the settings, rot or something that’s supossed to give each particle a starting speed, and the particles freak out. xd

What you are gonna want to do is find the the basic panel of your particle system and change the Sta or start time to the frame you want them to emit from and have them emit for just a few frames and just adjust the AccZ force under the global effects tab - this will control how fast they fly upward, higher numbers are faster.

You can adjust the parameters under"initial velocity" under normal to control how far the dust flies up after the box hits - the parameter under basic for life of the particle can be adjusted to determine how log before the dust dissipates.

adding some random parameter under "initial velocity will push the dust out and away from the box.

Ok, thans, I’ll do that

Have to agree with 3d RyLeY and disagree with this statement – Blender’s particles can be ideal for dust:

Monster Movie on Vimeo

They do take a long time to set up and tweak to perfection, as JESUSFRK14 anticipates, but the results are a lot better than other techniques imo. These are halo particles for the fine blowing dust and “footstep” puffs, and mesh particles for a lot of the debris tossed up when the monster takes a header. Not an alpha plane among 'em :smiley:

just my 2 cents:
i don’t think the camera shake is realistic
it actually starts before the box lands, and it mostly shakes in one direction
also it shakes too much: either the box weighs several tons and is landing on a weak floor (wood, maybe?) in which case the box would probably crash through the floor,
or the the camera is hung from a rubber band and the local gravity has been seriously distorted.
please don’t take offense, though

Chip: Cool movie: D

Space: I was making it from a tutorial. I can make the shake less though. I never noticed it.

Blender’s particles can be ideal for dust:

Haha, maybe so, I just haven’t figured it out yet ;).
Blender particles drive me nuts cause you can’t have a halo with each particle having a different texture (at least last time I tried) unless you have the emitter emit objects. Though for hair I love the particle system!!!

I would love to see blender dust simliar to this:

Aw, so would I.

I think Blender’s particle system could emulate that kind of dust effect, even animated, given an animator willing to put the time into build the emitter setup and machine that could handle the extremely long rendering times it would likely entail. The trick would be to use multiple emitters, each tuned to provide a specific level of dust density and structure, and hope the load doesn’t bring down your comp!

Nothing in this business is done quick and easy if one wants it done well.

In my view of “a good work-flow,” the issue that you faced … “the dust looks good but it comes in too late” … is a tweak.

So, what do you do about it? Simple. In the video editor of your choice, you grab the film-strip representing (only…) “the dust” and drag it a few frames forward or a few frames back until it’s precisely aligned with where you want it. If you then decide that the dust-effect is not quite as you want it, you re-render (only…) “the dust” and try again.

“Nothing to it.” Nothing to re-render.

The maxim is simple… the advantages, compelling: render everything in passes.