Reload library files of broken linked objects

Hi !

I’m in trouble with linked objects…
I have a scene with some objects linked from other .blend files.
I moved the file of this scene in another folder, and (inevitably) the proxy objects were replaced by Empties.
In the Outliner, “Libraries” section, you can change the file path.

How to reload them, and replace the Empty by the linked object again?

I specify that the object is a character that is animated (in the scene, not in the original file). This animation is quite long (36sec.) I’d love not having to redo it :eek: !

Thank you for your advice!


while waiting for an answer, I bypassed the problem by saving the file with menu “Save> Save Copy…” in a new directory.

This is not a solution but a workaround;)

Finally, the important thing is that I could get out! Hope it helps someone…