Reload this Page HMC #26 Frazetta Tribute-Frazetta Tigress

Well , friends i like to do this .

those reminds me my cats at home ;).

This is the link and CGSOCIETY;)

Well, here i play a little

You need to put (nudity) in the title. We do have children visit the forum.

hahaha well , this is art ;).
They must learn since child :cool:.

Hmm, you know i think the words like nudity attract the kids rather then “drive them off” so i dunno,i dunt really think it matters either way…anyways it was just a thought i had…

I like the progress so far, cool kitty lol.

Thanks a lot ;).
I use a cube to do my little cat and i’m using the Unlimeted Clay too :wink:

do you find it easier and faster to make the general shapes with unlimited clay instead of with modeling?

when i tried unlimited clay it seemed like it was much slower to get the basic forms to look good (and to retopo) as opposed to modeling the base mesh poly-by-poly

that depend of the experience and for me it’s easy .:yes:

Modeling it’s easy too , and it’s a hobby :wink: for me maybe beacuse i’m a monster :mad:

I don’t use retopo but i would like to prove it someday :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you should practice more :yes:

Well , i have to work more :yes: .
But i like most :rolleyes:

Looks good, but your wires shows the messiness in your topology, it is all over the place lol, but hey it looks like it works.

HAHAHAH of course is messy beacuse i’m using the Unlimeted Clay:rolleyes:

RERELOL:p :cool:

Lol, yeeah…just pointing out the obvious i guess…:slight_smile: Anyway great job with the Unlimited clay, I havent played around with it, but it looks like fun.
Question: Are you going to make averything have good topology in the end? Or are you gunna leave it like this?


HAHAHAA :cool: . i was playing with it to have a better reference about the head

I will do other model with a nice topology ;). (i hope) hehehe

It’s very fun

See you (K)

Hey lol
-can you give some comentary in Cgsociety too? ok :wink: