Reloading Linked riggs Issue

I am having a strange problem in blender. I do have a rig and its linked with file. (doing animation with that linked rig).After some time we did update the rig with new naming “V01, V02,V03 and so on” But not able to relocate/reload the rig in linked file. instead of relocating it create extra node with new file naming in outliner.

For testing purpose

  • i just made a very simple Rig setup.
  • Linked it into empty file.
    *Saved it

Now i did noting with rig file just copy it multiple time and change the naming. Now when i am reloading it is still not working. Extra node with new naming created in blender outliner "Please refer image “RelocatingDouble”

Attaching Testing blend too. Please have a look .
RigV01_01.blend (815.9 KB)

It should be simply reload the new version instead of creating new nodes and all other stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.