Relocating Panels

Just wondering if anybody knows how to move a panel from one region to another. What I’m trying to do is move my Layers Management and Layer Groups panels from the 3D Properties to my Tools Region. I’ve checked the Manual and Googled it without any luck. I’m thinking maybe I’ll need to change a script or something but have never done that-----yet. Is there somewhere I can check to find out how to do it?


I don’t think that’s possible. You can move things within a panel, but you can’t change what it contains.

Change the bl_region_type from “UI” to “TOOLS” for both panels in the python
script. For me these are on lines 405 and 671

It must be possible but how he did it is a mystery. Here’s a screen-shot from Kent Trammel’s “Complete Jellyfish” Tutorial:

Huh. You learn something new every day.

Thanks Richard. That worked like a charm.


I don’t think I can trust myself with that kind of power! I can do some serious serious damage to my UI with that. And also waste hours of good modeling time. Too late now…

I installed Python when I got this computer, but never learned anything about coding. Was the first time using the Python GUI editor. Learning the language is something I still need to do.