Remake of Martinsh's flare playground

(Title is wrong, should be “modification of”…)

I made some modifications to Martin Upitis flare playground according to my taste, also I do not use the volumetric fog shader so that I can use spotlights and all that, the flares are still there though.

Original file can be found here:

My version (updated, 1 feb 17.05):

You can try activiating the volumetric shader (it is attached to the mesh of the room), it has been modified to work better with the lighting setup, but still as pretty as the original. And you might want to try to change the “float threshold” and “float gain” in the text “flare”, it is a bit exagerated at the moment :wink:

The volumetric shader is very pretty, but you cannot use spotlights for example, and you have to specify in the shader code how many lightsources you have, so it is kind of cumbersome to use.