Remake of old image wastebasket blvd.
This is to replace the two old ones I had on my comp because I didn’t like how they were done anymore.
Better textures
Better baskets
Better everything.

i like baskets :smiley: very nice object compositionthe,the only crit i have is the house and the ground textures,puting some nice bricks and a good roof on the house maybe can help.
Good work

You know, it’s goofy but it works! :smiley:

Probably what will help the most is selective use of some photographic textures for background elements. And lighting that’s a little less flat.

But let’s begin, and be sure that we end, with the joke. The deliciousness of the absurd. That’s what the viewer’s gonna see and enjoy, and it’s there. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I made it a lot better then the old images, they baskets were cheap off in the old versions and there was no anti-aliasing.

kansas_15 your improving in bounds!

try making a bump or even a normal map outta the path texture. also look into dupliverts or fibergen for the grass. the background is a little distracting. dont need a photo just add a procedural cloud texture. great job mate. keep working at it

I never saw the old image…

Nice image! I really like it.

Could you please write a shory tutorial on how you made the baskets? Or direct me to the tutorial you used (if you did actually use one).

Thanks :wink:

I think you need to work on more complex modelling. Everything looks fairly polygonal. Bump map the ground. For the grass, use a particle system. Search the forums- somebody had awesome grass settings.

When I tried to bump the path it didn’t look right and about particles I usually won’t use the particle system for grass because it doesn’t cast shadows. The wastebaskets weren’t that hard to make
1). start with a cylinder, stretch it and move it away from the center
2). Use the spin dup. function to create a complete circle of cylinders
3). take the tops and rotate them a little to make them slanted
4). duplicate the cylinders and mirror them to make them cross
5). use a spun circle to make the top and bottom
6). duplicate the whole basket and overlap the duplicated bottom ring with the origional top ring and do this one more time and remove the doubles created from that.
7). use a circle to create the bottom.

Nice. 8) Excellent composition, as usual. As someone else mentioned, though, you need some better textures.


particles I usually won’t use the particle system for grass because it doesn’t cast shadows

A flat texture doesn’t cast shadows either. I found the settings that maxpayne posted that were good but the image files are dead links.