Remake of Space Cadet

Well, I decided I was unhappy with the last one, so as BgDM suggested, I decided to model in the details rather than using simple normals mapping. Also I gave her a face and decided to ditch the original helmet for the moment.
<edit> some more details added

Great improvement over the original Modron. I really like the style and the face texturing looks great.

Some things that need to be changed:

a) Her knees are too low. They need to be higher so the thighs don’t look so long and the shins so short.
b) Her hands are very cubic and flat and it really shows.


head is a little big? unless she’s ~ 150 cm

ok, i moved the knees up and shrunk the head. i haven’t fixed the hand yet, but i agree it’s too boxy.

much better, but i feel the head is stretched vertically, perhaps squash it down a bit?

Nice progress so far, Modron. It would be helpful to see her from a side and back view.

At this angle I’m not sure if I can say the upper arm is too thin.

Knees look a little over-pronounced, unless they are more like kneepads.

I like the details on the arms and the seams on the outfit.

She has so much potential. I hope you plan to rig and use her in a scene.


thanks for the crits guys, she is already rigged btw, i just had to assign the added geometry to the vertex groups i’d already made, and i have a whole landscape for her as well as a vehicle, but i need to finish making the city that will be in the background. I may animate it, or maybe just do it comic book style, but a couple of different mini plots have occured to me. i am seriously thinking of adding a monster.

I think the original knees were ok, or they are too high now. Maybe the boots give the wrong impression that calves are short.

The breasts maybe should be separated a bit, pushing the volume to the outer sides. The pectoral muscle should show its shape between the breasts and the armpit, which looks high to me.

The arms look a bit thin, but they get too narrow near the elbows.

You got the body right, but there’s something about the face, too boyish at the moment. Make face more feminine, smaller bridge on nose will help, and slightly smaller nose in general. Otherwise, good work so far!

I hink that the head is sort of tall.
what material is that for the armor??

that’s just the default material, i am going to uv map her as soon as i finish making her vehicle.