Remaking a Star Trek Sovereign model bit by bit

I’m brand new to Blender but really want to make set of videos for our Star Trek RPG. So I decided to rework an old model from Blend Swap and see if I could update it on my own. So the base of this is the USS Geblendert. I’ve completely re-textured the entire ship and I made the nacelles, nacelle supports, impulse engine, and yacht from scratch. I also used the Window Generator from Blender Market to cut in windows.

If I’m being honest there was a lot more work than I expected that went into this between retexturing and reworking the mesh. There’s still a lot for me to learn and I want to eventually redo the rest of the mesh from scratch. I’m hoping some day I can get it to look as amazing as the Enterprise @menace82 has been working on. I’m a long way away from that level of awesome though. But this will work for now to get some decent animations for our Star Trek RPG.

I’d love any thoughts or advice anyone has on ways I can improve things and make it even better.


This is awesome! The sovereign class is probably one of the hardest to make, with all the textures and things. Honestly I think with a little work on lighting and stuff this could be epic,
One quick note, I do think the red on the nacelles and impulse engines is a bit too red giving the impression that they are dim, I think upping the brightness would make the ship feel more realistic. There seems to be some bloom around the windows, and an equal amount around the engines, when I guess those would be much brighter

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Hmmm… the bloom is from a fog glow in the compositor. Is there a way to target one section more than another with that filter or I’m guessing that’s going to be 2 filters. Even then… how can I target just the red from the bussard and impulse engines?

And thank you! It’s definitely been a beast and still needs some love. The mesh of the main body is a mess and I just don’t have the experience to fix it yet. Which is why I’ll probably just remake it from scratch

I’m 90% sure you can do another pass, if you make another scene and copy which parts over you can do this. This video will explain a similar concept:

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“I’m hoping some day I can get it to look as amazing as the Enterprise @menace82 has been working on.”
OMG! Are you kidding me? This looks already amazing! Well done!

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LOL Thanks! I’ll take it. I mean I’m fairly proud of what I’ve been able to hammer out… but your details are just stellar. Way beyond my current skill level and so impressive. Someday!

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