Remarks to the sticky "Usefull threads"


You might recogniced there is a new sticky thread “Usefull threads”.
I do not want to overload the sticky with tons of posts (that I expect :spin:).

So you can post any comments and remarks here. You can find a link from the sticky as well.


I think you over did it a little with the amount of new threads announcing the same thing, (2 new stickys and 2 new remmarks threads?).

Anyways some time ago I made the following thread where I explain the basic use of Blender GLSL materials, not sure if its appropriate enough, but I think I explain most of the basic stuff (I mean anything without using extra python scripts), there is also a demo file.

I think it could be useful for the sticky since it uses all the features that can be done with blender that make games look good enough, before having to use python scripts to enable parallax bump, SSS and other eye candy.

By the way, I really liked the reorganization! I’m always loosing sight of some of those threads. Another good one would be the one having all the working shaders/2d filters scripts.

Took a look ad the “developer tools” link. The texture site links listed there are mostly 404s. The rest are either very old (like 2003-ish) or very low quality (like 256 colour 64x64 voronoi stuff). The post itself looks to be from 2003, too. Might not be worth having it in your list anymore.