Remastered music videos

"The Fly"
Parts of the video were shot in Dublin in mid-September 1991 by directors Jon Klein and Richie Smyth. The rest was shot in London a few weeks later. The promotional video was the first appearance of The Fly character and displayed the band’s “new look”. Klein explained: “The last three albums have been of a piece in some ways, what we want to do here is start a new chapter. ‘The Fly’ feels different to me.” (Wikipedia)

"One", directed by Phil Joanou.
It was a third video created for this song. It was primarily filmed in early March 1992 at Nell’s, a Manhattan nightclub, while the band was in the US for their Zoo TV tour.

There are flashing images, so be warned.

"Dancing Queen"
Directed by the Swedish film director Lasse Hallström. Filmed in 1976 in Alexandra’s discotheque in central Stockholm, Sweden.

"Juicy", directed by Sean Combs, 1994

"Insomnia", directed by British director Lindy Heymann, 1995

"Relight My Fire", directed by Jimmy Fletcher, 1993

July 25 1980 - Back In Black is released in the US and the UK. Earlier that month the band filmed six promotional clips for the album at Het Turfschip in Breda, Holland during the “Back In Black” warm-up dates with Brian Johnson. The clips are directed by Eric Dionysius and Eric Mistler.

The films, untouched since 1980, were rediscovered last year, scanned and restored from the original pristine negative in 4k resolution.
source: AC/DC’s Facebook

"Back In Black"

"You Shook Me All Night Long"

"Hells Bells"

"Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution"

"Let Me Put My Love Into You"

"What Do You Do For Money Honey"

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"Waterloo", directed by Lasse Hallström, filmed in June 1974 in Europa Film Studios, Tappvägen 24, Stockholm, Sweden

"SOS", directed by Lasse Hallström, filmed on 28-29 April 1975 in SVT Studios and Djurgården, Stockholm

"Happy New Year", directed by Lasse Hallström, filmed Friday 3 - Sunday 5 and Wednesday 8 October 1980

The party footage was shot at the same time as that of the “Super Trouper” promo at Europa Film Studios, Tappvägen 24, Stockholm - with the circus performers being replaced by balloons. The footage of Björn and Agnetha was taken in Lasse Hallström’s old Stockholm apartment in Karlavägen. The close-up singing shots (in the pink/purple/blue shiny suits) were filmed in the Polar Music offices, Baldersgatan 1, Stockholm, Sweden.

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A good one is Freddie Mercury’s Living On My Own:

Hey Tvaroog thanks for this thread and the playlist. Been watching for awhile although most are not my favorites so no “like” clicks till now.

One I would have “liked” if posted alone -The Cranberries Zombie is probably my all-time favorite music vid and the song too. A true masterpiece. RIP Dolores -loved by millions.

I’m really hoping another favorite work-of-art will get the treatment but maybe not possible? Midnight Oil - Beds are Burning.

I almost posted up Blondie Heart of Glass here a few months back but thought I better not. Not a remaster anyway, I suppose. Shot on video? There’s a few focus issues in the close-ups (I think in camera) but wow Debbie looks fantastic and sharp compared to the 100’s of times I’ve watched the original. A real treat. That bored-look charisma is even more amazing now. (I only have 1080 screens here btw).

Thanks again for posting these vids up. ACDC was a nice surprise. So was Abba SOS. I was infatuated with that song (and the girls) when I was a child.

Looking forward to more. Have a great weekend!

They have remastered Mercury’s other videos too: I Was Born To Love You, Made In Heaven, The Great Pretender, Barcelona, Time Waits For No One. Queen videos on the other hand are still in 360p on Youtube…

Most of those videos aren’t my favorites either, but there aren’t that many proper remasters. I pretty much post here everything I find. I normally don’t listen to Mariah Carey but I’ll be happy to watch her old videos in high definition.

That one doesn’t really have many visual effects that would need to be remade. Couple shots have multiple videos overlaid in post production. It’s a matter of finding those old tapes, scanning and editing them. That takes time and money but is doable as long as the film still exists. For example in “Zombie” one roll of film was missing and therefore there are slight differences to the original.

Heart of Glass is upscaled to 1080 from low res, so not very sharp. It might have been shot on video, I’m not sure. TOTP recording from the same year doesn’t look that dissimilar.

Even if you don’t have a 4k screen, 1440p or 2160p on Youtube have higher bitrate and therefore less compression. Especially videos with a lot of film grain tend to look bad at 1080p on Youtube.

"Fantasy", shot in mid-August 1995, directed by Mariah Carey herself:

I’d done a lot of videos and wasn’t always a hundred percent thrilled. For the most part, I was never thrilled with the results, so I figured I would give directing a shot. It was a pretty simple concept. Most of the scenes were featured at the amusement park, at a late-night outdoor celebration. I was really happy to be able to include O.D.B. in the remix video.

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Couple more from ABᗺA, all directed by Lasse Hallström

"Money, Money, Money", filmed on 18 September 1976 in SVT Studios and streets of Stockholm, Sweden (

"Knowing Me, Knowing You", filmed in January 1977 in Lasse Hallström’s apartment and SVT Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

It’s highly likely the snow scenes were shot at Lidingö, close to where all four ABBA members lived at that time(…) The interior shots were filmed inside Lasse Hallström’s own apartment - where he would also go on to film the Happy New Year and One of Us PROMOs.

"Take A Chance On Me", filmed on 10 January 1978 in SVT Studios, Stockholm, Sweden (


The video directed by David Mallet, which accompanied the single was filmed at London’s Brixton Academy on 17 August 1990. The audience members were given free T-shirts with the words “AC/DC – I was Thunderstruck” on the front and the date on the back, and these T-shirts were worn by the entire audience throughout the filming of the video. ( Wikipedia )

"Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses", directed by Phil Joanou, 1992

"Mamma Mia", directed by Lasse Hallström, filmed on 28-29 April 1975 in SVT Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

"Even Flow", 1992

The original music video for “Even Flow” was ultimately replaced by a performance clip directed by Josh Taft, who had previously directed the “Alive” music video for the band, and who later directed the music video for “Oceans”.

The video consists of performance footage of the band filmed during a January 17, 1992 show at the Moore Theatre in Seattle. Taft was filming that night not in his capacity as a director, but as a friend of Gossard’s. At one point during the show, Vedder had even stopped the proceedings, clearly of the opinion that Taft’s presence was intrusive. “This is not a TV studio, Josh” he’d yelled indignantly, in an interlude that Taft left in his final cut but that MTV clipped out of most versions it aired. “Turn those lights out, it’s a fucking rock concert!”

The video shows Vedder climbing the theatre, and then jumping down between fans at the concert and ending with Mccready throwing his guitar towards the camera.

The footage used in the video is actually spliced from different songs: for instance Gossard and McCready each play two different guitars, Vedder wears a hat at some point and the theatre climb actually occurred during “Porch”. (Wiki)

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"Electrical Storm (Directors Cut)"

Starring Larry Mullen and British actress Samantha Morton, the video for the 2002 single ‘Electrical Storm’ from The Best Of 1990-2000 was filmed in the south of France and directed by Anton Corbijn.

Corbijn loves film grain.

"Sweetest Thing", 1998

Directed by Kevin Godley, the video for Sweetest Thing features Bono’s wife Ali Hewson as he attempts to apologise to her, enlisting the help of various performers including Boyzone, Steve Collins, Riverdance, the Artane Boys Band and the Celtic Knights.

"The Winner Takes It All"

A music video to promote the song was filmed in July 1980 on Marstrand, an island on the Swedish west coast. It was directed by Lasse Hallström. The video was shot ten days after the divorce of Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog was officially declared by the courts.

"Millennium", 1998

The tongue-in-cheek video for “Millennium”, directed by Vaughan Arnell, features Williams parodying James Bond, complete with dinner jacket and references to Bond films like Thunderball and From Russia with Love. The video was filmed at Pinewood Studios, home to most Bond productions. (Wiki)

"Super Trouper", 1980

The spotlight featured throughout the video is, in fact, a CCT Silhouette profile spot with followspot kit, as opposed to a real Super Trouper. The music video was directed by Lasse Hallström. Parts of the video were later reused in the clip for the song “Happy New Year”. (Wiki)

"Back for Good"

(…) Music video to the song was shot in black and white on February 27 1995 and directed by Vaughan Arnell and Anthea Benton. (…) Most of the external footage was shot at the backlot of Pinewood Studios. It was also the last music video to feature Robbie Williams in the present day until he rejoined the band in 2010. A 1958 Chevrolet Impala and a 1951 Mercury Custom, both customised in the styles of the 1950s/early 1960s feature in the video. Due to spending so long in cold and wet conditions, several of the band became ill afterwards with flu. (Wiki)

"License to Kill" and "Don’t Fall Apart on Me Tonight (Version 2)"

The video was shot on April 30th, 1983 at the Power Station in New York City. This was near the end of the six-week Infidels sessions and footage includes the entire band, including guitarist/producer Mark Knopfler, guitarist Mick Taylor, keyboardist Alan Clark, bassist Robbie Shakespeare, and drummer Sly Dunbar. (

"Teenagers", directed by Marc Webb, 2007

The music video opens with an almost shot-for-shot tribute to the first scene of Pink Floyd’s film The Wall. (wiki)

On December 3 Depeche Mode will release a newly upgraded expanded definitive box set edition of 101 documentary concert film and live album chronicling the 101st and final performance of the band’s Music For The Masses world tour, recorded live at the Pasadena Rose Bowl on June 18, 1988.

A groundbreaking collaborative documentary, 101 was co-directed by acclaimed husband-and-wife filmmaking team D.A. Pennebaker (Dont Look Back) and Chris Hegedus (The War Room) with active creative input from Depeche Mode, who’d held an exclusive contest for fans offering an appearance in a Depeche Mode movie as the prize. 101’s narrative through-line of contest winners traveling across America to attend Depeche Mode’s landmark Rose Bowl concert is a cinematic precursor to the youth culture trend in “reality tv” programming. Depeche Mode’s 101 captures the electrifying synergy between the band and their fans.

This new HD edition of 101: A film by D.A. Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus, David Dawkins has been meticulously upgraded using 4k scans of the original film reels to create an all-new viewing experience. (

The Disney+ original docuseries, directed by Peter Jackson, will be arriving on Disney+ just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Made entirely from never-before-seen, restored footage, it provides the most intimate and honest glimpse into the creative process and relationship between John, Paul, George, and Ringo ever filmed. Be sure to check them both out, and don’t forget to watch “The Beatles: Get Back” when it rolls out over three days, November 25, 26, and 27, 2021, exclusively on Disney+. (youtube)

"I’m Afraid of Americans", directed by dom&nic, 1997

"Hips Don’t Lie", 2006

The music video was directed by British director Sophie Muller and filmed in Los Angeles. The majority of the costumes and outfits featured in the video belong to the Carnaval de Barranquilla, some of which include the white dress Shakira dances in, and the colorful flags.
The video won the MTV Video Music Award for best choreography. (wiki)