Remastered music videos

"Medicate", directed by Paul Minor, 2009

"Spending My Time", directed by Wayne Isham, 1991

They should have changed that low-res photo in the beginning, in my opinion. In the original it was a video and here it’s just a static snapshot, which means they don’t have the source. Could have used stock HD footage instead.

"Beetlebum", directed by Sophie Muller, 1997. One of my favourite bands.

"Together Forever", directed by Mike Brady, 1988

"Song 2", directed by Sophie Muller, 1997.

At the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards, “Song 2” was nominated for Best Group Video, and Best Alternative Video. At the 1998 Brit Awards, the song was nominated for Best British Single, and Best British Video (…) The set used was modelled on that in the video for their pre-breakthrough single “Popscene” (wiki).

"Tunnel Of Love", directed by Lester Bookbinder, 1980

Two music videos exist for the song, one depicting Mark Knopfler, John Illsley and Pick Withers performing on a blank set, intercut with imagery and actors, most notably the ‘heroine’ played by a young Leslie Ash relevant to the lyrics, the other featuring a larger band arrangement and telling the story of a couple escaping a group of soldiers who chase them from a funfair. (wiki)

"Romeo And Juliet", directed by Lester Bookbinder, 1980

"Hypnotize", directed by Paul Hunter & Sean Combs, 1997
I have no idea why would they stretch the image like that.

Rick Astley! well that’s a blast from the past.

Not ashamed of busting a move back in the day too “Never Gonna” at the local disco :crazy_face: anyway if memory serves the chicks luuuved it.

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Hm… But you are aware of the internet phenomenon known as “rickrolling”?

lol…well now I do :rofl: