Remastering Vray in Cycles

Hello, I took a Vray scene and I am rendering it in Cycles, in interesting render times.
P.S: I don’t own the models.

P.S: I know some models are missing.

Round #01:


1 Minute of rendering

Vray: (Unknown render time, I think it took around 3 minutes, from what I saw in the tutorial )

I will be following this post with more ones soon.

Round #01 (Another Angle):

Cycles (Approx 1 Minute):

Vray (Unknown render time, But I bet you more than 1 minute by alot):

I know the angle is a bit different, it’s okay.

I will follow with more posts.

sorry but how did you render the cycles image in 1 minute? You have 4 titan? Jokes apart, it is a really low render time for such noise free image, more info would be nice.

Yes I have a 10 titans, no, I am kidding.

On 250 Sample with Lukas denoiser, 25 HW. 1 Minute.

I have One GTX 980 TI.

Well, then the question is, did you use Vray RT, or were the Vray renders CPU? There is a lot of information missing here…

IMO You should Increase the samples to over 600 (1000 would be better) and decrease HW at around 10 or less.
1 min time means nothing. You have to compare the quality of details.
The filter ruined some details in the cycles/denoised one, and many of the details useful for a comparison are missing due to the missing objects in the scene.
Some info about the scene? Is it a closed walls interior scene?
What Vray have you used?

Well let me set things clear, these scenes are from 5srw method for rendering in vray video tutorials.
I take his scenes and re do it in Cycles, The bad thing that he don’t show his render times, and I can’t test it myself, cause I don’t have 3ds max and vray on my hands right now, so, I will just stick to the quality and use the render time as a bonus, with that being said, I still think getting cycles these free noise images in 1 minute is crazy, I hope you agree.

You are not getting my point, the point being is that the client who sees a picture does not care about your tiny imperfections, the only cares about it is you firstly, and second, the filter is still in very early in development I think it will get really good sooner or later.

It’s totally closed room.

So you “think” they took longer to render… mmkay. What´s the point of this thread again?

There is no point, I will leave it, thank you.

Ok you’re right.

Thanks for your comments, how to delete/close a thread ?

Ask it to a moderator gently.
Why don’t you change the purpose of the thread and improve it instead?
It would be a good exercise to try to recreate a VRay scene in cycles.
If you accept my suggestion ask to move the thread in the WIP section.

Thanks for your kind suggestion.
No more posts.
Happy blending.

Thats pretty funny considering the 980ti Is completely broken in cycles atm lol

Lol, I know right ?

Can we have this scene?

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